Wild Flag, "Romance" (Okay, this is extra-old, but we missed it)

Clock-punching superstars go on a field trip. Super fun! 

Nurses, "Fever Dreams"
Creepy dispatch from Portland: Minstrel-rave capital of the world.

Starfucker, "Bury Us Alive"
It's about time Starfucker had a great video! More blackface!?

Blind Pilot, "Cecillia (Paul Simon Cover, live at MFNW 2011)"
Waitaminute, this actually happened? Why was I across town? Ugh.

Mike Coykendall and the Golden Shag, "I Can See Clearly Now (Johnny Nash Cover)"
I mean, while we're at it, here's this. Extra smooth!

Iftin Band, "Keenee"
Found this on YouTube. Filmed in Portland. Who'd a guessed?

The Thermals Doing their Thermals Thing
Just in case you missed this from the MFNW Diaries...