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Videos: Laura Gibson, iAME, Burning Yellows, Parson Red Heads

Indoors, Outdoors and Everywhere Between

laura gibsonvideo still - mason jar music
Just four videos today, none of which feature any special effects.

Laura Gibson, "Milk-Heavy, Pollen-Eyed"
I thought I had tired of all those "playing a song out in public" videos that La Blogothèque wrought years ago, but this one from Mason Jar Music—a creative take on what may be my favorite track from Laura Gibson's forthcoming record, La Grande—is shockingly beautiful. It feels pretty standard until the 1:20 mark, when some clever cinematography and planning comes into play. But just as impressive is Gibson's ever-striking voice and playing, which are both in top form here. It's a stunner, for sure.

Laura Gibson - Milk-Heavy, Pollen-Eyed from Mason Jar Music on Vimeo.

iAME, "It's Not Pretty"
And, because we love us some juxtaposition, here's the new video from iAME—or his alter-ego Lame, in this case (the latter has an especially thick mustache). THis one provides some insight into the creative process from album promotion to hamming around in the halls of the Mt. Tabor Theater. I'm in love with this harpsichord-fueled beat from Smoke (or, as of late, Smoke M2D6—guess there were a couple other Smokes) of Oldominion, and I am also digging the tongue-in-cheek humility from iAME: "I'm not quite Jordan in his heyday/ More like circa '87-'88." That one, and the skinny jeans line, both cracked me up the first time I heard them.

Jump over to the YouTube version of this one to download the track and a remixed version.

Burning Yellows at Into the Woods
We never posted this latest Into the Woods shoot with Burning Yellows. I feel like I should introduce it by saying KIDS, SMOKING IS NOT COOL AND IT WILL NOT MAKE YOU A BETTER KEYBOARDIST. I mean, smoke LOOKS cool, but the act of smoking will not win you friends. Unless you're on breaks from your shitty job, in which case a smoke break is a perfectly good way to meet new friends. And lighting a stranger's cigarette can be a fine conversation starter. Still, NOT COOL. But since they're in the comfort of their own home—so long as their landlord doesn't mind—I guess it's Burning Yellows' prerogative.

Parson Red Heads, "Burning Up the Sky (Live)"

Well, that's sweet. Right after I clicked publish, the Parson Red Heads' publicist dropped a note in my inbox about that band's new video. And so here it is. Again with the indoor/outdoor thing. Totally got a theme going on today.

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