City Commissioner Nick Fish has named a top official of Central City Concern, a local social service agency that deals with homelessness and addiction issues, as the city's new director of its Bureau of Housing.

Traci Manning
African-American and Latino renters
Margaret Van Vliet
Traci currently serves as Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Central City Concern (CCC), a non-profit that provides housing to people experiencing homelessness and connects clients with benefits and links to the workforce system. As COO, Traci manages CCC's Business Enterprises, Employment, Healthcare, Housing, Recovery and Engagement, and Supportive Housing programs. Traci began her career at CCC in 1993 as a receptionist, quickly moving into fundraising and public affairs before settling into housing development. Traci spent nine years in this role and led the renovation, acquisition, or construction of 7 buildings representing 770 units of the agency's portfolio. She is a member of the Portland Housing Advisory Commission, PHB's volunteer public advisory body, and previously served as a board member of what is now called Oregon Opportunity Network. Traci's first day as Director will be October 17.