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Cut of the Day: Marcus Fischer, "Shape to Shore", Monocoastal (12k)

Marcus Fischer's art, be it audio, visual, or some combination of the two, has such an engaging delicacy to it. Like the Japanese paintings that Bill Evans talks about on the back cover of Miles Davis' Kind of Blue album - those that need a special brush and technique to do lest the parchment break - Fischer exhibits a discipline and care that would crack and collapse under less sure hands.

This track, from Fischer's gorgeous album Monocoastal (released late last year on 12k Records) is a sterling example of this. There's very little to the song - a stray bit of melody played on what sounds like a processed guitar that wafts in from the ether, a creaking bit of programmed sound that approximates the sound of a ship groaning in the ocean - but it is unshakeable. The lightness of the song is slightly deceptive though as it is able to carry you, the listener, along with it and deposit you right on the shore that is in the song's title.

SEE IT: Fischer is performing tonight at Milepost 5 (850 NE 81st Ave) at 8 p.m. alongside fellow experimental ambient artists The Sight Below and Simon Scott (ex-Slowdive).
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