Nineties nostalgia meets summertime nostalgia! A capella yoga studio recording sessions! Tripped out public access hip-hop! California thinkin'! Why, it must be another Video Roundup!

"Sunshine," Purple & Green

Summer literally just ended, but this new clip from Adam Forkner and Justin Leon Johnson's addictive electro-R&B project Purple & Green will immediately flood you with feelings of nostalgia for a season that some could argue never fully arrived in the old grey Northwest. Not only is the video—which captures Forkner and Johnson joyously frolicking in a park on a truly beautiful Portland day, though not until after Johnson makes a quit trip through a Popeye's drive-thru—reminiscent of something Mariah Carey or Will Smith would've filmed in the mid-'90s, the song has the infectious flavor of a 16-year-old pop hit. I'd call it a summer jam, if it weren't already too late for that designation.

Kelli Schaeffer, a capella for Sound on the Sound

Speaking of summer nostalgia, in early August the fourth annual Doe Bay Festival took place on Orcas Island in Northwest Washington. A handful of artists from the festival recorded a series of intimate performances for Northwest music blog Sound on the Sound. One of them was Portland's own fiery chanteuse, Kelli Schaefer. Originally meant to be a solo a capella rendition of a new song, Schaefer convinced her band to participate as well, reworking the track using only their voices, and wow, it's a striking thing to watch. Nothing else need be said, other than that more bands should consider recording in a yoga studio.

"Back and Forth," Hives Inquiry Squad feat. Abadawn

[The band plans to release a free MP3 download and new video single every month until its next album drops...but when that will be, who can say? —Ed.]
"Thinking California," The James Low Western Front

Whiskey Farmer
Masterpiece Theater