The Oregon Tea Party has released a statement criticizing the "double standard displayed by Mayor Sam Adams and Portland City Council in their acceptance and promotion of the Occupy Portland protests."---

The letter included Adams' October 6 tweet in which the Mayor reported that he greeted Occupy Portland protesters and thanked them for a peaceful event. Oregon Tea Party Chairman John Kuzmanich notes that "a thank you from City Hall was not forthcoming for the multiple peaceful Tea Party rallies conducted with the proper permits since 2009."

Kuzmanich also criticizes the Portland Police for allowing Occupy Portland to continue without permits in an "orgy of lawlessness" that has included "vandalized businesses, graffiti on a police cruiser and a possible sexual assault in the criminal encampment." The Oregon Tea Party contrasts these alleged crimes with the "peaceful" Tea Party event on April 15 that was broken up by the Portland Police "for no reason."

The tea party press release condemns the Mayor for his approval of Occupy Portland protesters who the tea party refers to as "Fleabaggers" on their website and Operation: Flea Bath Facebook Page