Radiation City's recent record release party at Doug Fir was one of the better local rock shows I've seen in a long time. The quartet plays with plenty of loose passion while keeping both the delicate and complex aspects of its songwriting wholly intact. They seem to me to be a band destined for some very big things. I'm not always right about these things, but my track record isn't horrible, either.

Here's something for the plus column: It looks like Radiation City brings the same energy on tour (even for an in-studio performance) that they have while home in Portland. "Park" may be my favorite song from The Hands That Take You, Radiation City's excellent debut (out now on Tender Loving Empire)—but then it seems like every song on that album hits me in a new way each time I hear it.

"There's a street called 'Couch' that's pronounced cooch and spelled couch," the band explains in the mini-interview at the end of the video. Reppin' hard!

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