Today, dear friends and music lovers, we have four videos to help you wind down the rest of your day with. One of them features an old woman. Another features a glittery bathtub. Yet another, children playing Radiohead. Enjoy.

Holocombe Waller - "Qu'Appelle Valley, Sasketchewan"

We are bookending this edition of the Video Roundup with cover songs. The first is this take on the Buffy Sainte-Marie song about, yes, a valley in Sasketchewan, which is featured on Holcombe's recent album Into The Dark Unknown. It's quite a stirring song, almost bettering the caterwauling and tribal rhythm thing that has been getting tUnE-yArDs so much attention. The video is as striking and haunting as the song itself.

Goldmund - All Will Prosper video preview
Guidance Counselor - "Brooklyn"

School of Rock Orchestra - "Airbag"

Our last video and our last cover song is one done by the young musical students from the School of Rock. This video that was posted recently on YouTube comes from their show where they covered the magnum opus OK Computer in its entirety. And as you'll see from the video below of them tackling the album's lead off track, they did a fantastic job. So fantastic, in fact, that they'll be doing it again on October 22nd at The Woods.