Because my album review won't see daylight until tomorrow's WW hits newsstands, why not take the next 24 hours to decide for yourself what you think of Cloudy October's The Metal Jerk? The most elaborate free download we've heard in a long-ass time is available over at Fieldwerk's website. If you're only going to download one free hip-hop album this year...well, why would you put those kind of limitations on yourself? I mean, unless your computer is so old that you can literally only fit one free hip-hop album on it, in which case you're probably on dial-up and we wouldn't recommend downloading this disc at all.

Hit up Cloudyoctober dot com if you'd like to read the MC's fascinating dedications and liner notes for the new record. Here's a sneak-peak:

"This album is dedicated to all you fucks creating safe-hop complaining about other safe-hop artists. Your blood taste terrific and you make my job really easy."

Bring the hate! Happy Cloudy October Day!