Age: 56

Occupation: Producer of InYouR FaceTV and United States Army veteran

Tenure at Occupy Portland: Camping since Oct. 20

Otherwise he lives in: Placerville, California

Favorite Political Thinker: William Clarke Quantrill

Why he's Occupying Portland: Ebacher stumbled into the camp after missing a connecting train home from Minnesota. After speaking with Occupiers in the veterans' tent he decided the cause was more important than going back to California. He hasn't been home in sixth months.

"I'm on my last deployment in the U.S. This is a war for the hearts and minds of the people. It's an information war and I'm an information warrior."

"I didn't sign up [for the Army] for tyranny and fascism. I signed up to protect freedom. When I took the oath of office, I swore to protect all enemies, foreign and domestic. The Wall Street crowd is a domestic enemy."

His experience at Occupy Portland: "The experience has been sad. I'm living in a refugee camp. While the chronic homeless are used to living this way, it's sad to see in America that we have to take drastic action like this to be heard."