It usually happens about an hour after I send WW's music section off to the printers: I notice some super-awesome show that we totally missed, and I spend the whole week feeling awful knowing that we could have written up something cool instead of trashing on A Skylit Drive. It hurts. And it hurts extra-bad when the folks promoting the show actually email me well before print deadlines and I just miss them or undervalue their awesomeness, which happened with these three shows, all of which deserve your hard-earned cash money.


Don't Talk to the Cops and Big Digits at the Mt. Tabor Theater. Actually, the Seattle dance/hip-hop/production unit headliner prefers to see its name printed as DON'T TALK TO THE COPS, which is one of the better band names around. The relatively young group has already played a long list of notable festivals up in Washington State, and its hard-partying live shows tag team with a web-savvy video unit (see the brand-new one below) to create a good deal of buzz. Seattle music critic Larry Mizzel is in the group, so at least come out to boo real hard if he's dumped on your awful rap group in the past.

"Like the lion from the Wizard of Oz/ But you will pause when you don't see no paws/ But just a big-ass head."


Devin the Dude, DJ Wicked, My-G, Al-One and more at Salmon Street Studios (109 SE Salmon). I believe this is the Dude's third visit to Portland this year—which might explain why I blanked it for WW—but if you haven't caught him recently you owe it to yourself to do so. Devin is a layered, insanely crafty MC who can turn a song about weed and pussy into something really profound and genuine. His live shows are some of the best in hip-hop. DJ Wicked's cuts are similarly sensational, and the longtime Portland DJ is about to make a big national splash on the BET reality show Master of the Mix. 

"I don't think these fellers are gon' leave without that boom."


Mississippi Studios' 8th Anniversary Show! Okay, I'd feel worse about this one if I wasn't confident that it was going to be totally packed. A host of great local artists are playing this show—members of Typhoon, Weinland, the Builders and the Butchers, etc.—but perhaps the biggest selling point is the FREE BURGERS UNTIL MIDNIGHT! Holy SHIT! Bar Bar burgers are some of my favorite in town, so you know where I'm going to be on Sunday. Inbetween chomps, be sure to check out the great Nick Jaina, whose column returns to LocalCut tomorrow! Yeah!

"I danced with you/ On the cobblestones/ In your hometown"