An anonymous Twitter account apparently set up yesterday is alerting news outlets to this graphic, which it claims ran "for half a second" on KGW's noontime broadcast yesterday.

Apparently pegged to one of the Portland Police Bureau's press releases detailing crimes arising from the Occupy Portland camp downtown, the graphic suggests that most complaints have been related to "angry people" and "stinky people."

Reached by WW this afternoon, KGW interim news director Rick Jacobs did not dispute the authenticity of the slickly produced graphic. He did, however, contradict the Twitter account on a key point:

"This never made air," Jacobs says. "It was never online or on our broadcast."

As local news bloopers, it's not good as this classic about a chicken, but it's all we've got today.

Update 4:30 p.m.: Jacobs called WW back with a correction after further conversations with KGW staff.

He says the graphic did appear on air for less than a second.

"Somebody punched the wrong button, basically," Jacobs says.

Newsrooms everywhere remain a haven for ill-advised jokes, but even so, Jacobs says the graphic was not in line with the station's journalistic standards.

"It's unacceptable. It was just a lapse of judgment. I'm going to take appropriate measures to make sure it never happens again," he says.