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Besides Michael Moore, Who Else is Exploiting Occupy Portland?


Director Michael Moore promoted his book on Monday by visiting with members of Occupy Portland dressed as zombies to protest coal mining. Moore then went to Powell's to sign copies of his memoir, titled Here Comes Trouble and retailing for $26.99. (You're welcome, Mike!)

With his visit, Moore becomes the latest public figure to use the ideologically diffuse Occupation as a personal soapbox.

Who else is supporting/exploiting Occupy Portland for their own political or marketing purposes? A list:

Starbucks: Set up a table with free paper cups of coffee and a smiling barista next to its Pioneer Courthouse Square store to serve the chilly crowd during last Friday's Pink Martini-Storm Large concert.

Storm Large: Rustled up an audience of hundreds Friday and performed a medley of politically cutting songs including “Home on the Range,” “Take Me Home, Country Roads” and “The Hokey Pokey.”

U.S. Rep. Peter DeFazio: While he lamented the loss of the American Dream on stage Friday, DeFazio’s volunteers and staff handed out 2012 re-election campaign pamphlets at a table set up in the center of Pioneer Courthouse Square.

Eileen Brady: The Portland mayoral candidate shook hands at the Friday singalong, flanked by half a dozen volunteers in campaign T-shirts.

Portland Police Bureau Mounted Patrol Unit: Used horses to help push protesters out of Jamison Square on Sunday morning, but not before posing in the saddle for TV news cameras for more than four hours Saturday night. (Possible karmic justice: One horse was chased through the Pearl District park by a man wielding a lightsaber.)

Portland horse cops get their 15 minutes of fame.
Photo by Aaron Mesh

The Sierra Club: Double-dipping in co-sponsorship of events with the Occupiers, the environmental lobby hosted a press conference in Chapman Square on Tuesday to draw attention to corporate pollution, and will throw a Nov. 6 rally to oppose the Keystone XL oil pipeline from Alberta tar sands to Oklahoma and Illinois.

Rising Tide: Besides fighting the Keystone pipeline with a Burnside Bridge banner, the international climate change non-profit hosted the zombie march on Bank of America Monday, to protest the bank’s investments in coal mining. Bonus publicity: Michael Moore showed up!

Who else is benefiting from the Occupy Portland spotlight (besides WW, obviously)? Submit your own suggestions in the comments.

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