One of the coolest parts of the cassette resurgence of recent years is the return of the compilation. Alright, to be fair, the compilation never really went anywhere. But for a writer who grew up in a small town pre-Internet days, hitting the local Fred Meyer to track down cheap compilations that could provide some insight into what was going on in the music world, seeing a compilation like this new 34-track monster released by Gnar Tapes brings back a lot of great memories. 

What is especially cool about this new Gnar Tapes comp is the murderer's row of awesome that is sitting on the magnetic tape of each copy: R. Stevie Moore, The Hive Dwellers, Nucular Aminals, Jib Kidder, Purple & Green, White Fang, etc., etc., ad infinitum.

Having just downloaded a copy of this, I'm going to need to take some time to fall in love with as much of it as I can, but the track that is an immediate standout is a new lo-fi number from the boys in Youthbitch. Like their debut cassette release, it's a perfectly silly trifle with an earworm of a chorus and giddily romantic lyrics. Sit through the two minutes of the song, though, and you'll be treated to a fun little found sound snippet of a couple arguing loudly about some bit of insignificance. It's the perfect way to turn a lovelorn song on its ear.