Not content to simply be universally regarded as one of Portland finest young bands, And And And is apparently running for some kind of music scene mayorship only they seem to know exists. This past summer, the band brought together the local music community for its inaugural Rigsketball tournament, staging guerrilla basketball games all across town. Now, as winter approaches, And And And is taking its punk rock outreach program indoors for the Underbelly Bender, a six-week celebration of Stumptown bands and the bars that nurture them. Let's have drummer Bim Ditson tell you more about it:

   Presenting The Underbelly Bender: Seven shows over the six weeks from Black Friday to New Year's Eve. Each one in a different nook of Portland's glorious underbelly of lovably dim and dirty birthing places for bands. Dive bars. Yes let's do this, let's do this right.    Let's make all the Underbelly Bender shows free or if we have to charge a cover, let's make 'em $2-3 sliding scales. let's have Sailor Jerry's at all the shows giving away free rum tokens. Let's build all the bills out of the bands we personally love to go see, let's build them based on what's good.    It's cold out this time of year, and getting across town can suck. Let's make sure there's one of these shows in each area of  Portland. People without cars need good live music too.     Let's make it sort of like a local tour. Portland's got plenty of awesome places and mind blowing bands to tour and never leave city limits. The U.B. is an event where people can go see amazing bands they've likely never heard of at places they might not have even previously known put on live shows in the first place.

Sounds pretty awesome, particularly in the wake of recent news that venerable Northwest dive Slabtown -- whose annual punk and garage rock fest Bender is the clear inspiration for the name of this series -- has gone up for sale.

Here's the full lineup -- which, naturally, features And And And on every bill:

Slims Nov 25th - Your Rival, Death Songs, And And And. FREE!

Matador Dec 1st  - Animal Eyes, Youth, And And And. FREE!

Spare Room Dec 3rd  - Hollywood Tans, Houndstooth, And And And FREE!

Slabtown Dec 10th  - Father Figure, Support Force, And And And $2-3

Langano Lounge Dec 16th  - My Autumn's Done Come, Yours, And And And FREE!

The Know Dec 23rd  - The No Tomorrow Boys, And And And $2-3

Kenton Club Dec 31st  - Blood Beach, And And And, This Charming Man FREE!