Hey kids, we know you're all on the edge of your seats keeping an eye on the Occupy drama, but it's music video time! This week's video round-up features an extended Volvo drive, some funky haircuts and lots of explosions. Let's get started right away, shall we?

Key Losers, "Limited Time"

First up, it's the directorial debut from States Rights Records' godhead and party king Steve Schroeder. He tackled Key Losers' "Limited Time," filming frontwoman Katy Davidson as she went about a day of running errands. It's a pretty simple video, but I'm a fan of simplicity. "Its about those moments of beatitude and banal darkness mashing against each other on the regular," Schroeder says. "And also about how our dualities as humans are more intertwined than we often represent."

Here I thought it was about driving a car around! In any case, I love this song an awful lot and I'm happy to see some moving pictures of one of my favorite Portland songwriters up with it.

Parenthetical Girls, "The Privilege"

Privilege is one of those words I never seem to spell correctly, so let's keep this extra short and extra sweet. Point one: Paul Alcott should NEVER cut that beautiful head of hair. Point two: This is one of the best Parenthetical Girls songs I've ever heard. I am constantly re-assessing the way I feel about this band (sometimes I absolutely hate it, sometimes I think it's total genius) and I imagine I'll continue to do so. Point three: The band is still numbering all five releases in its Privilege series in blood. That's 5 EPs, 500 copies of each. If each numbering takes two drops of blood,  That means the band is dripping 5,000 drops of their own blood for this series of LPs. That seems like a lot. Maybe they're watering it down a bit? Mixing it with ink?

Privilege IV: Sympathy for Spastics is out on Nov. 1 and you can get it here.

Oxykitten, "Cow Bear"

This video isn't in the usual ultra-widescreen aspect ratio we've come to expect from cool videos. Instead, the found footage visual elements accompanying this lazily shuffling electronic tune is presented in fabulous fullscreen. It seems fitting, considering that Portland's Oxykitten records its albums on "a problematic reel-to-reel 4-track with some of the crappiest drum machines known to man" (seriously, this is from the press release), that the accompanying visuals are so lo-fi and fucking terrifying. Shit starts to get incredibly creepy around the 1:30 mark, you are warned.

To listen to and order the entire new Oxykitten release (out on the fabulous Field Hymns imprint) , Toucht, click here.