Bands of the universe, take note: a little honesty and directness will get you very far with the folks here at Local Cut HQ. Case in point: this e-mail we received from one of our favorite local folk-pop acts, St. Frankie Lee. It read, in total: 

I understand that our news-worthiness-score is lowered by our lack of live shows but that's also what motivates me to ask you folks to consider writing about a track off of our new album.

Granted, St. Frankie Lee is helped along by the fact that the band is made up of plainly talented musicians. the group's new album, of which the above track is merely a taste, is understated bliss, led by rattling percussion, desert-baked guitar lines, and co-leaders Chelsea Campbell-Martin and Derrick Martin-Campbell singing as sweetly or as urgently as they please. Like their e-mails, it cuts right to the heart of the matter and moves along on its way. Whether you follow along or take off on your own is another story completely.