In a TV interview Wednesday, New York Deputy Mayor Carl Howard Wolfson explained why and how the City of New York cleared the Occupy Wall Street protest out of Zucotti Park, and in doing so, contrasts New York's strategy with the eviction of Occupy Portland over the weekend.---

Wolfson told New York One he criticizes Portland's 48-hour notice to protesters because, he says, it drew people looking for conflict, most of who weren't actually protesters, to Chapman and Lownsdale squares, creating a dangerous situation that made it impossible for police to go into the parks.

In New York, he says, the city gave no notice. Police woke protesters up at 2 am and asked them to leave, which he says created a much safer situation with fewer people to evict.

Wolfson's remarks are at about the 6:50 mark in the video.

UPDATE: The Deputy Mayor in Question is Howard Wolfson, not Carl. Carl Wolfson is the host of KPOJ's morning show.