The Portland Bureau of Parks and Recreation has revealed what it cost the city to have Occupy Portland camped out in Chapman and Lownsdale squares for 39 days: The bill comes to about  $130,000.

That's $85,850 to retore the parks, plus another $45,000 for maintenance work during the Occupation.

The biggest single cost? $28,000 to repair the men's bathroom in Lownsdale. All three toilets are "destroyed," along with the pedestal sink, and new plumbing is needed in the walls. (Occupiers complained in October that the sink was broken before they moved in.)

Restoring the grass in both parks will cost $12,900 through winter and spring—but parks workers say they "did not encounter any evidence of obvious soil contamination."

The city has started a Restore Historic Squares Fund and is taking donations.

The biggest donor so far? Umpqua Bank has thrown in $25,000. That's almost enough to fix the men's room, and more than enough to buy some good PR after anarchists smashed in the Alberta branch's windows with rocks.