Oh how far Starfucker have come in just two years. In that span of time, the band went from being Starfucker to PYRAMID to Pyramiddd and then back to Starfucker. The trio signed to a larger indie label (Polyvinyl) and had one of its songs used in a Pepto-Bismol commercial. Add on to it a few tours of the world and plenty of critical accolades, and you're left with one of the biggest bands that call our humble city its home. 

We're looking back on the trajectory of Starfucker's career in the wake of the announcement that the band's previous label, Badman Recording Co., would on January 10th be reissuing the 2009 EP Jupiter, tacking on a trio of extra tracks to sweeten the deal for those who might have worn out their original copies by this point. 

This track "Jamie" is one that exemplifies how quickly the band has evolved in such a short period. The slow moving instrumental, based around one shuffle step drum sample that is slowly covered by a variety of synth noise and melody, exhibits the facility with a nasty hook that Josh Hodges has in spades. 

But it feels so barren in comparison to even the material that was recorded around the same time for the actual EP. There's no inch-thick drum licks to sink your teeth into and much post-production overlays to give the song weight. "Jamie" is almost quaint in comparison. 

I think that's precisely what makes Starfucker so damn good. They are constantly moving forward and gaining knowledge and applying it to the well-worn structure of the modern pop song. I look forward to the day when, like Skynet, it becomes self-aware and aims to destroy the whole blessed musical framework.