The Portland Marathon donated $4,000 Wednesday to the city's "Restore our Historic Squares Fund," which has been set up to help cover the estimated $85,000 cost of restoring Chapman and Lownsdale squares after Occupy Portland's eviction on Nov. 13.

The marathon is the second group that felt victimized by the Occupy Portland movement to donate money to help the city clean up after the 39-day occupation.

Umpqua Bank gave $25,000 to the restoration fund earlier this month after anarchists participating in an Occupy protest hurled rocks through the windows of the bank's Alberta branch.

The marathon uses the parks as a staging area during the annual run and several race supporters sent Mayor Sam Adams angry emails when Occupy Portland took over the squares right before the run.

So far the "rising above it" attitude has brought in at least $29,000 to the fund.