Despite not having a challenger in the 2012 election cycle, U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Portland) has raised some $432,000 for his campaign as of September 30.

That tally grows steadily. On Wednesday, Blumenauer was the beneficiary of a fundraising reception held by the Associated General Contractors of America at the lobbying group's townhouse in southeast Washington, D.C. Entry fees were as follows:

$5,000 Host;$2,500 Sponsor;$1,000 Individual

The ticket prices reflect Blumenauer's status as a senior member on two important House of Representatives spending committees, the budget committee, and the committee on ways and means.

Like other members of Congress in safe seats, Blumenauer, who joined the House in 1996, uses his spare campaign cash to support other candidates and causes. In the 2010 election cycle, he gave more to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee than he spent on his own campaign. This time around, he doesn't even (yet) have a no-hoper Republican challenger to worry about.

At his campaign committee's last report in September, Blumenauer had given $129,000 to Democratic Party organizations, with another $199,000 in expenses covering mostly campaign payroll.