You've heard it a dozen times over already: it's the season of giving. But, c'mon...look at the state of economic inequality in this country and tell me that you aren't at least considering buying one less present this year and trying to give back to those folks who need your help. Actually, if you can't tell me that, don't say anything at all. I'll just want to find you and mete out some justice on your selfish asses. 

Anyway, if you have or haven't already picked up a copy of the WW's Another Gray Christmas Vol. 5 compilation which is available online and raising funds for the mighty p:ear organization, I'd like to point you in the direction of another benefit compilation that is worthy of a few of your dollars. 

The good people at Fayettenam Records have put together a fine digital compilation of artists from their roster and friends, with the proceeds going towards the great homeless charity known as City Harvest

And the best thing for this writer is the inclusion of a track by Matthew Hein. The singer/songwriter (and former founding member of New Band Things) was a local favorite of mine for years even after he stopped playing live in town and concentrating on his studies at Portland State. And while he has since relocated to San Francisco, his sound will always be imbued with the lackadaisical bent of this city's musical core. This new track holds well to that same aesthetic with Hein's signature circuitous melodies and understated guitar playing that overflows with warmth and good humor. It's music to hug tightly and cheerfully take to your parents' house for Christmas. They're sure to love it as much as you do.