I'm already excited in advance to see what Manny Reyes has lined for Supernature, his dance party/electronic music celebration that goes down every month at Rotture. But when I saw on the December bill a collaborative effort between Charlie Salas-Humara (Sun Angle/Panther), E*Rock, and Marius Libman (a.k.a. Copy), I believe I gasped a little. What could these three beat-driven masterminds come up with when put together? 

Well, what I had in mind certainly isn't what their project Regular Music churns out—long synthesizer epics in the style of Roedelius or early Kraftwerk—but it doesn't make it any less amazing to my ears. The first track released by the band is a dreamy delight, all intertwining melodies and long spun out hypnotic drones. It's hypnotizing stuff that I could go on about but I'd prefer it if you just check out the video for the song "The Work of Growing is The Work of Finding Something to Believe In. (Pt.1)" and hear it for yourself. Just try not to get too creeped out by the footage of animatronic artists working with their sometimes disturbing creations.