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Drunk in Oregon: The 10 Best Selling Liquors of 2011

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It's that time of the year again: When newspapers take a break from reporting actual news and pad column inches with "the year that was" facts and retrospectives. In compiling ours (look out for it on Wednesday!) we queried the OLCC with the top selling liquor in Oregon this year.

Being able to track this kind of data is one of the few advantages to this nanny control state of ours.

So what was Oregon imbibing this year?

1 - HRD Vodka
2 - Seagram's 7 Crown
3 - Potters Vodka 80 proof
4 - Jack Daniels Old #7 Black Label
5 - Black Velvet
6 - Oregon Springs Vodka
7 - Pendleton Canadian Whiskey
8 - Fleischmann's Royal Vodka
9 - Jagermeister Liqueur
10 - Burnett's Vodka

We'd like to think HRD is number one because Hood River Distilling is a local company, but it's probably because it costs $7.45 a bottle.
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