It's so hard to keep up. If apps are cool, and Walmart is uncool, then developing mobile apps for Walmart must be… so uncool it's future-hip, right?

Tech blog Silicon Florist reports today that Small Society, a "Quintessential Portland" iPad and iPhone app developer,* has been purchased by a division of Walmart.

Small Society's statement says its small team will stay in Portland and "will focus all of our attention on a single company – the largest one in the world." But the Walmart Labs blog—yes, there is such a thing, and it's hosted at—seems to acknowledge a certain mismatch:


you say? Yes–Portland! …[W]e have recruited a few more talented developers in the

area. Our Portland office works closely with the rest of the team here

in Silicon Valley, and together we will deliver world-class experiences

for all of Walmart’s global businesses.

"Small is the new big," Walmart's announcement says.

Corporate is the new grunge. The dream of the '80s is alive…


* Whose co-founder, Raven Zachary, was interviewed by WW in 2009.