Occupy Problem: "Our volunteering system, frankly, is lacking and underdeveloped."

Occupy Solution: "Well, we have thought of a way to to get more assistance through volunteering, AND, handsomely rewarding those who happen to be a student of colleges and universities. We have decided to accept inquiring students to become interns for Occupy Portland. Students who volunteer with us can get college credit for helping us organize and perform needful tasks."

That's right, kids! Now you can "Occupy to the education system and infiltrate the curriculum" while at the same time getting some putative work experience in order to one day Occupy a desk in an office somewhere.

In addition to avoiding actual classwork, scoring an Occupy internship means you'll be able to squeak by for another few months on student loans.

They're pitching this as a "less stress[ful]" way to "advanc[e] this revolution." Because even Che took some time out to chillax once in a while.

Another plus: Unlike volunteers for Ron Paul, Occupy interns can presumably keep their tattoos uncovered.