Stankhouse Records, which has been extracting quality racket from Portland's fertile house show scene for three years, celebrates its anniversary next week with a free show at the Alleyway. A band (or person) named Gaydolf Shitler is playing, so of course you're going no matter what, but the Stankhouse soiree is also doubling as a release show for Hooded Hags' excellent "Exxon Baby" 7-inch, a ten-minute dose of lo-fi pop anchored by the addictive "Hide."

A thing of sterling simplicity, "Hide" is a mostly instrumental study of fuzzy surf inflections built around one glorious wavering guitar line that gurgles and bobs along the swells of a gently menacing backbeat--it sounds like Orca Team got incredibly messed up on cheap liquor and traded its prom duds for leather jackets. Things get magical and goosebumpy just past the halfway mark, when the guitars drop out and the drums are left alone with a chorus of voices promising some dark danger: "It's gonna find you," the Hags intone gang-like before diving back into the distorted depths.

The above paragraph might overdo the whole music-as-ocean metaphor, but listen to this two minute ditty and tell me you don't see yourself getting very stoned at the edge of a body of choppy water that laps at your feet and finally claims you with its insistent charm.

SEE IT: Hooded Hags plays the Alleyway, 2415 NE Alberta St., with Big Black Cloud, Psychic Feline and Gaydolf Shitler on Friday, Jan. 13. 9pm. Free. 21+.