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Silicon Lumberjack
During my short time writing All Things Critical I was contacted repeatedly via email and blog comments by a large number of anonymous individuals, a trend that I wrote about on the site itself shortly before I stopped posting on it. While I never bothered to take the time to fully investigate who these individuals were, it seemed extremely likely that they were affiliated with the original Silicon Lumberjack Tumblr account, perhaps even the authors themselves. ...

I got fed up and then I decided to get even.

I registered the domain siliconlumberjack.com, I set up a website and Gmail address, and I created a Twitter account. Within about 48 hours anyone who was following the anonymous Tumblr account pretty much figured “oh look, those idiots got a website” – I even pulled in their RSS feed in hopes that it would get someone, anyone to come forward using a real name and complain about it. Despite the fact that a large percentage of the tech community here had already dismissed the Tumblr account due to its anonymous nature, I wanted to push it even further into the abyss of worthlessness. And I wanted the people behind it to lose their voice completely if they weren’t willing to stand behind the things they had to say.

And then I started writing my own posts.