WW gathered together a little reading material in honor of MLK Day.

An argument against dreamers, from Wilmer Leon at The Root:

What has troubled me over the years is how his revolutionary message has been hijacked, compromised and relegated to being that of just a dreamer.People are comfortable with dreamers. Why? Dreamers are safe and in a restful state. Dreamers are docile and easy to manipulate. To cast King in the light of a dreamer allows people to be convinced that substantive change resulting from clear vision and direct action is not necessary.

All too often, King "the dreamer" is taken out of the historical context within which he developed.

1848    Oregon’s Provisional Government passes the first Exclusion Law in the Oregon Country. It is

unlawful for any Negro or Mulatto (of mixed ethnic heritage) to reside in Oregon Territory.
King: A Filmed Record... Montgomery to Memphis