The project: Profane Sass and the Veggie Oil Bus Tour

Who's behind the project? The hopped up string band with a bad case of wanderlust known as Profane Sass

Why do they want your money? After years of touring North America thanks to borrowed rides, hitchhiking, and train hopping, this adorably hairy quartet currently residing in Hillsboro are ready to take control of their own travel. They've purchased a 1993 Ford E350 access bus and are converting it to run solely on vegetable oil. As they say in their Kickstarter testimonial: "Once the conversion is completed we won't be consuming diesel and so will be minimizing both our carbon foot print and our cost of travel."

What are they offering in return? For a small donation, you'll get things like CDs, a patch for your jean jacket, a t-shirt, or a "detailed DIY Veggie Conversion guide." Go big and the band will drive said bus to your home for a concert or you can get on the bus and follow Profane Sass along for a week of shows. 

How much are they asking for? $3,500

Will they be fully funded? As of this writing, they've only picked up $867. There's plenty of time to make up the ground (22 days) but it's gonna be a long haul. 

Our final assessment: C'mon...we're a bastion of liberal arts majors with socialist leanings. Of COURSE we want Profane Sass to succeed. Just as it's getting more and more difficult for bands to sell records, it's equally harder for them to do long tours around the country to get themselves heard what with the price of gas and many clubs unwilling to provide guarantees for acts that aren't getting Best New Music on Pitchfork. Any way that a band can cut into those expenses and continue to bring the music to people can only be a good thing.