And And And can't stop, won't stop. These guys churn out quality songs at a rate that would make Robert Pollard jealous. Here's yet another one: "I Want More Alcohol (It Makes Me Sadder)," a gloriously shambolic, appropriately beer-sodden shout-along (or should that be cry-along?) from its upcoming Lost EP.

According to the press release, the record -- produced by Blitzen Trapper's Eric Early and Michael VanPelt -- is a mini-song cycle about "alienation, concealment and becoming 'lost' in the confusion surrounding everyday life." Although you can already stream the record in full here and here, the physical EP -- the band's first on vinyl -- comes out Valentine's Day, through Exploding Green Records. On Feb. 14, And And And will celebrate the release with a free, all-ages show at the Record Room. Pick up the limited edition 10" and share it with someone you love. Or hate. Or, most accurately considering the content, someone you have conflicted feelings for.

BONUS VIDEO! Two little girls dancing and singing along to a song about drinking yourself into an alcoholic stupor! You've never seen depression look so...cute!