Oh, what is a concertgoer to do tonight? So many amazing options. Wow & Flutter releasing their beer/mp3 combo at Kelly's Olympian...Sir Richard Bishop opening for the Black Swans at Kenton Club...Beat Connection and Wampire at Holocene...sigh. 

Well, let me throw another possibility out to you: the fine math rock by way of power pop outfit Holy Tentacles is celebrating the release of their latest album Funky Fantastic at Piano Fort, a small venue in SE Portland tucked away inside the Modcott Piano Shop. 

The title of the album is a bit of a MacGuffin. This is no "funk band" per se, but a rock band that approaches their sound with the angularity of a Cubist, spurred on by the finger tapping guitar style of front man Nicholas Von Pless. In other words, Von Pless uses his fingers to tap out the notes on the neck of his guitar (flash your mind back to those '80s hair metal videos with the outrageous guitar solos...). It's complex without being alienating and obscure. If there's any funk to the song, it's in the fact that you might actually be able to dance to it.