Each week our culture scientists rank their 10 favorite things in the universe. The resulting list is infallible. The list is perfect. If you don't agree with the list, you are wrong. Some items may stay atop the list for weeks, others may only make a brief appearance. Some items are Portland-centric, but only because Portland is at the center of the universe. Please do not write to us, asking for the metrics behind the list. We will not provide source material. We will not be swayed. Bow down to the list. Love the list, as the list loves all things. Let the list move through you. (And, you know, if you have suggestions for the list, stick them in the comments section below.)

1. Arvo Part's
Spiegel im Spiegel is used in the trailer for Silent House
It's supposed to be creepy, but mostly it reminded us of Mike Nichols' deeply moving cancer film Wit, and this scene in particular:


3. The Portland International Film Festival is showing a movie called
4. Pupusas
Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie

6. Sunday morning rainbow over Portland


7. Kim Dotcom
The Megaupload founder makes the list for a second week (dropping six places from #1) for the fact that he lost his position as the highest-ranked player in Call of Duty while in prison.

8. There Is No Enemy

9. Watching Robocop after drinking a bottle of wine and two glasses of bourbon.

10. MySpace