There are many, many reasons to love Youthbitch - their facility with three chord garage punk, their penchant for releasing music only on cassette - but for me, it is how completely they inhabit the snot-nosed punk lifestyle. 

To wit: the band promised to send me a copy of their latest cassette, titled Youthbitch Youthbitch Youthbitch Youthbitch Youthbitch. The tape didn't show up for at least a week and a half later, and when it did, it came with a cracked case and it looked as if someone had already listened to it. As well (and I hope this doesn't get anyone in trouble), someone in the band used the postage machine from their day job to send it. 

With any other band, I might have felt a little peeved about it, but with Youthbitch, I was bemused. I actually said out loud, "Oh, Youthbitch...," which took a lot of explaining to the wife when my four-year-old son repeated it later in the day. 

Really, this careless attitude is a front for how seriously they take writing fuzzy calls to arms and frantic "Fuck you"s to the world that would serve to keep them at bay. Let this two-minute blast hit you in the face and see if you don't come out of it invigorated and ready for battle. A drinking battle, maybe, but a battle all the same! 

Now, go and hit the big Youthbitch punk show as they celebrate the release of this cassette tonight at Star Bar with the reunited Diskords, and BOOM!