As with almost everything Adam Forkner puts his stamp on, it's a fool's errand to try to choose simply one track to highlight. Such is the case with his latest release under his solo moniker White Rainbow. Infinity Beat Tape is a sprawling motherfucker of a collection of tunes that manages to connect the dots between his multi-varied attack on the worlds of electronic, noise, hip-hop, and ambient. 

Not all in one song, mind you. He spreads it out among the 19 tracks of this digital release, one song taking on a smoggy brown color ("DEMON SWEAT FUZZ SWELL VERSION"), another gone all squirrelly G-Funk ("CLAM DIGGERS FORMAL FUNCTIONS"), and yet another a neon-lit piece of '80s retro-futurism ("BABY DOLL U NEED IT"). 

The track that I keep returning to, though, is this chattery DFA Records-styled pseudo-disco bumper with a title that sounds like Snoop Dogg trying to talk about his robot conking out on him. And all it needs is a minimalist beat anchored by a digital slap and a bit of go-go rattle and a tangy bit of warping Bernie Worrell keyboards lingering over the top like a fuzzy bee. Eventually the whole megillah starts to denature with bits and pieces falling off as it bumps merrily down the long hallway towards oblivion. I implore to devote a full six minutes of your work day/play time to Sgt. Forkner and his mad scientific ways. Don't come crying to me though if you find yourself putting this song on repeat and losing all productivity for the day. Those are the risks you take in life.