Here's a story to make your music-loving blood boil: the fantastic San Francisco band Dominant Legs were in town on Tuesday, playing a show at Mississippi Studios, opening up for Eleanor Friedberger. 

Post-show, they parked their van with their instruments and personal effects in it on SE 6th and Ash for an hour while they did something a block away. And in that time, their van was broken into and a number of their instruments and computers were stolen, as well as (as S.F. Weekly reported) front man Ryan Lynch's lucky S.F. Giants sweatshirt. 

Unconscionable, ain't it? Well, if the people of Chicago can help out our local boys Portugal. The Man retrieve a bunch of their stolen goods, the least we can do is try to do the same for Dominant Legs. Here's what the S.F. Weekly has listed as their stolen items: 

- Brand-new Fender Stratocaster (Olympic White)
- Mexican Fender Telecaster (Natural Ash woodgrain)
- Ovation Magnum 2 bass guitar (crack in headstock)
- Three bags with two Macintosh laptops, one iPad, and various clothes (including the lucky Giants sweatshirt)

UPDATE: From Hannah Hunt, the band's keyboardist/vocalist, here are serial numbers for two items stolen from her: 

iPad 2 Wi-Fi
Serial number: DMPGNWKVDFHW

iPod nano (6th generation)
Serial number: DM2G30UGDDVX

NEW UPDATE: Got another bit of information: the serial number from Lynch's stolen computer - 13" Mac Book Pro: C02F4K2VDH2G

If you have any information about the stuff, give the band a shout via e-mail. I've got an e-mail into them to see if they have any serial numbers for their instruments so we can narrow it down, but this should be a good place to start. Most importantly: share this story on Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere you can think of. Let's the get the word out and get their stuff back.