Tu Fawning started out weird, and if "Bones," the new track leaked today over at RCRD LBL (whatever that is) is any indication, the Tu Fawning disc dropping on May 15 is gonna be a real weird one. The ambitious track—anything that runs over seven minutes long is usually dubbed ambitious, but for this occasion I mean musically, not just length-wise—takes three of those minutes before Tu Fawning's dual vocalists Corrina Repp and Joe Haege even enter the frame. 

The song is constructed kind of like a dance club banger: The beat drives things, then leaves us awhile only to make a bigger splash when it drops again. Sounds to me like a good strategy for navigating our dubstep-obsessed age, and I'd personally rather listen to Tu Fawning's epic singer-songwriter-showtune-suicide-soundtrack vibe than I would to Deadmau5 or whatever the kids like these days. Fuck it, I might just be old. But this song has guts and balls at the same time, and it strikes my fancy. Put A Monument on the growing list of near-future Portland releases that I'm stupidly stoked about. 

By the way, I love this album cover, and anyone who makes a "Dream of the 1890s" reference about it—they will come—should take another look at just how genuinely terrifying it is and think of something more creative to say.