The precinct level results for last month's 1st Congressional District election are finally out (try to contain your excitement), which means we can take a sneaky peak at how those westside neighborhoods in Portland voted:

Nothing very remarkable, except that precinct 158, that tiny Republican holdout of 110 registered voters in the hills, remains strongly defiant of its neighbors (60 percent of 158 also voted for Dudley in 2010). Nob Hill and the Alphabet District (precinct 1017) are the district's bluest, with a Democratic vote of 83.5 percent.

In fact, if there's anything remarkable, it's how very similar the precinct results are to the 2010 Wu vs. Cornilles race, which was a much larger ballot with a higher turnout (almost 70 percent, compared to 53 percent for Bonamici vs. Cornilles):

Overall, Bonamici secured 75.21 percent of Multnomah County's votes, compared with Wu's 75.77 percent in 2010. Cornilles dropped from 21.43 percent to 19.92 percent.

So apparently drugs, sexual assault accusations and that tiger suit didn't make a dent in Portland's Congressional voting habits. Or this city just really doesn't like Rob Cornilles.

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