It's always great to catch a band live just as its buzz is building, which was exactly the case when it came to up-and-coming electronic act Polica headlining at Bunk Bar this Saturday. The show was heavily sold-out with ticketless hopefuls loitering outside, a jam-packed doorway and an overstuffed main room. 

After a kinetic set from Copy, the Minneapolis four-piece took to the stage. Never have I seen two drummers make so much sense, as evident in the percussive duo playing different drum patterns in tandem. Those opposing beats combined into an enticing unique rhythm that perfectly complimented the electronics, live bass and soulful vocals of adorable frontwoman Channy Casselle. Casselle shared various tidbits in between songs, such as Portland being the location of her first lapdance and that the evening marked her 31st birthday. 

With a majority of the room moving and dancing in appreciation, it definitely felt like a celebration.

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