Less than a week after a man's unnecessary death led the Portland Fire and Rescue Bureau to warn of the dangers of compulsive hoarding, firefighters across state line in Clark County put out a similar call.

Clark County Fire District 6 Tuesday night responded to a two-alarm house fire fueled by clutter "that made fighting and investigating it difficult." Four people—two children and their grandparents—were inside. All escaped uninjured.

The cause of the fire (pictured) is unknown, fire officials said in a press release. It is clear that, to firefighters and rescue crews, hoarding is not, as many see it, a subject of idle entertainment or a joke:

The flames quickly spread from the second story to the attic. When crews first arrived on scene they saw flames shooting through the roof and all of the windows on the second story. Firefighters had to keep a stream of water on a neighboring home so that it did not catch fire. …Fire District 6 encourages you to consider your clutter placement and get rid of stuff you really don't use or plan on using to make your home safer for your family. Take a few minutes to walk around your home and ask yourself if you would be able to get out easily in the event of an emergency. Ask yourself also, if a rescuer would be able to find and reach you through the blinding conditions of a significant fire.