It's good to have M. Ward back. After years galavanting with Hollywood types and teaming up with other Monsters of Folk, the Portland songwriter has returned to that thing he does best: Writing time-displaced pop songs with plenty of reverb on the vocals. 

"Primitive Girl" is the first single from his forthcoming disc A Wasteland Companion. That is an excellent album title. The record features M. Ward's handsome profile—silhouetted by the moon—on the cover. The single is, in every respect, a real single. It consists of two piano parts and the chorus sounds just like the verses. It would do well as the opening credits of a television show...say, one starring Zooey Deschanel. Or not.

It's a good single, as singles go. I'm very, very excited to hear Ward's full album. It comes out on April 10, so I reckon I can track down an advance copy real soon. We'll talk more then.