This is the kind of meeting of two genius musical minds that I wish would happen more often. If I'm remembering the story Eric Mast (Mr. E*Rock if you're nasty), he approached the folks in Moon Duo about doing a video for one of their songs. The Duo said they'd love to but had no money to spend on such a project. But Mast wanted to go ahead with it anyway and just asked that they do a remix for him in return. 

Well, by now you've seen the video...but it is time to turn our attention to the remix of "False Fortress" that Ripley Johnson and his musical parter Sanae Yamada have put together for E*Rock.

Good remixers that they are, Moon Duo leave quite a mark on this track, adding their beauteous space psych to E*Rock's retro disco. They pitched the tempo down a few notches to a nice motorik crawl. Reverb and echo are liberally applied. Johnson adds a guitar line to match up with original bass part. The closing minutes - which on the original sounds like a pinball machine going into overdrive - are warped into a Krautrock Pentecostal rave up. DJs...cue up your Seratos and get this thing in your sets!