hello cyber world. testing testing hopefully this works. trevor solomon here a big miami heat fan from the seikaly pearl washington days till the championship (thanks dwayne) and to even last year when we were really close and lost out. this year feels like a mission i tell you 8 straight wins, a broken nose, and very nice lead in the east i think our heat is looking good.

ok starting lineups. heats starting lineup is bron bron, chambers, wade, joel anthony, and shane battier. i think chris bosh is a last minute cut. for blazers its lamarcus, gerald, camby, batum, and crawford.

huge crowd the heat and especially lebron bring the people out.

oh boy hes about to do the chalk on his hands very exciting part to the kings game.


oh my beloved georgia bullbodgs are on tv and not looking good down 30 to kentucky. maybe next year.

first quarter:
9:59 we might be in trouble here. crowd is getting into it. but 6-4 no big deal home team no big deal.

the heat remind me of that character medusa with snakes coming out of her head so maybe weapons you cant stop it. if it aint bron bron then its wade they are tough team to face just like medusa.

7:40 first time out of the game and were down 14-6. in all honesty the one way i thought the blazers could win this game was to gain momentum quick and thats what they did. oh i am worried.

6:34 heat starting to take back the game a bit. it almost seems unfair with wade and bron on the same team they just go down the court like they own it. dont get me wrong the blazers play with spirit and have a ton of heart but u see these 2 guys and its like there playing catch and no one can keep up. i mean i can already smell the championship this year.


oh and the score is now tied. 18-18.

end of the first quarter and score is now 32 HEAT and 24 blazers. i mean blazers just dont have the man power and man do people not like felton people behind me is bitching about him and hes not even in the game.

heat esp. bron bron and wade have taken over this game. 22 of the 32 points they scored were by them. i am impressed and i am biased and i know this but man they are good really good, like to compare to something i know they are the coachella of basketball teams. coachella is a music festival in palm springs and the best in the game and what you inspire to be in my business.

sad fact the crowd goes nuts over joel prizbilla what would happen if we had someone good would love to see the reaction then.

11:15 foul on joel p. how fast they turn on you joel from cheers to jeers.

8:58 score is 34-31 YOUR MIAMI HEAT. or maybe its my miami heat. oh shout out to leeanne and my dogs snacks and daphne.

7:53 oh no here comes those pesky blazers 37-34 heat. i love this guy for the blazers 83 craig smith hes awesome and work horse. if the blazers have more players like the rhino and gerald wallace they will be going places i think.

6:04 ok wade back in the game and now were cooking again 41-34. so i have these new rza headphones on and they are awesome you cant hear anything but the jams i am listening to. very impressive headphones and i like the beats but for rock music or indie, alt country i have to say this might be a bit better as the beats are really bass heavy. jams i am checking out lately are joe pug, trampled by turtles, cheap girls (maybe the record of the year think superdrag meets against me), joyce manor, touche amore, chelsea wolfe.

oh sorry unsure what happened but i had a ton of stuff written and went on a good run talking about how the heat were like coachella. two things that dominate in what they do the heat in basketball and coachella in music festival concerts.

ok second half.

Third Quarter
10:31 64 heat and 44 blazers. it looks like bron bron is trying to put this away so he can take a break and go chill with some nike executives after the game. by the way wearing a lebron sweatshirt very comfortable and nice it makes me feel like a king.

oh another thing that got erased is they showed carrie brownstein and janet weiss on the big screen any mention of janet no and any mention of sleater kinney or wild flag no but there was plenty of mention of her being an actress. HELLO BLAZER PERSON WHO HANDLES THIS LOOK UP YOUR FACTS YES SHES AN ACTRESS BUT ALSO WAS IN ONE OF THE BEST BANDS FROM THESE PARTS AND DONT SHOW JANET AND MAKE NO MENTION OF HER. WOW.

big exciting moment of the night Joel P. checked in i guess thats what you cheer about when your down by 22.

wade alley oop or whatever way you write that but there playing with them. ITS OVER. i am worried there will be no chalupa tonight. if the blazer break 70 points honestly will be shocked.

5:27 73-55 blazers mounting there big comeback. look out its about to get exciting. i can feel it in the air i see in my crystal ball 89-89 with 2 seconds left and joel.p. puts up a shot and scores and the place goes nuts oh my god they won and vanilla gorilla won the game. oh sorry was dosing off i am back. what i just wrote probably was some flash back or something i dont know but wont happen.

3rd quarter is done. oh they are giving away skull candy headphones there no rza headphones i will tell you that.

score of the game is 87-69 so i was wrong about 70 points for the blazers. its not looking good in rip city. lebron has 31 points and wade has 26 points. if you look at it blazers 69 wade/bron 57. i want wade/bron to beat the rip city rippers. i hope the wilamette week does a blog for the soccer games that would be great. would be happy to do a game wink wink.

87-71 maybe the blazers will make a game of this. oh bron bron with a killer block. CAN YOU SAY MVP!!!!

oh boy big dunk at 10:08 by lemarcus were only up by 15 not looking great in heat country.

9:23 fifteen point game and seems like the blazers are making an effort here but might be too late. seems like they are a team that is really close but just not there. the heat have destiny on their minds and not letting anyone including themselves get in the way.

8:11 and timeout on the court score is 91-78. nice ad for spirit mountain and ill be there on saturday to see the funniest man on this earth MR WARMTH DON RICKLES. my hope is my friend fasil and i get picked out by him and made fun of. cant wait for this show.

ok this game is getting really chippy and really intense. 13 point game 93-80. man will i have a hard time going to work tmrw if we lose this game. this is my third time doing this and the heat have never lost this game very important we win this game. man second really good steal by bron bron. he is a beast out there just total domination. hes like arnold in the terminator.

2:50 100 heat 87 blazers. and here goes the crowd. wow they really do believe in their blazers. and i mean its not just clearing out its like the parting of the sea and everyone is clearing out. oh man sorry rip city hopefully you will make the playoffs. good team just need a little star power but could happen soon. heat on the other hand is just dominate really really impressive. very mesmerized by this team and how good they are. i mean i dont see anyone except bulls and okc that might be competition but we will see in june.

0:00 and as porky pig would say " thats all folks"

thx casey was fun see yall next year.