Crépuscule des Oceans
Twilight of the Oceans
the truth is that most audience members were first and foremost curious about the dingalings, derrieres, and poof-poofs.
Village Voice
Unabashed tableaux of heterogeneous full monties were unavoidably destined to bring out everyone's inner Byron Beck:
Ooh la la, would you look at the size of that monster French-Canadian man-meat? OMG, are they all uncut? Is it just the lighting, or is that hot-tamale young'un sportin' some wood?
Daniel Léveillé Danse's Crépuscule des Oceans 2
To witness a human body, clothed or otherwise, subjected to these athleticisms is to study our capacity for punishment, not pleasure.
The Road
Daniel Léveillé Danse performs at the
Leftbank Annex, 101 N Weidler St., 245-1600.
All shows sold out except 2 pm Sunday matinee, Dec. 6.
$26, $16 students. For tickets 1-800-745-3000 or visit
Photos of the Wednesday, Dec. 2 performance of
Daniel Léveillé Danse's
Crépuscule des Oceans
by Chris Roesing/White Bird.
Daniel Léveillé Danse's Crépuscule des Oceans 3