So the week is pretty much done. Before leaving the office... oh, who am I kidding? This is Portland. You're not in a damn office. Nevertheless, take a break from obsessively checking March Madness scores and enjoy a few of the new video clips that came across our inboxes in the past few days.

Alialujah Choir, "A House, a Home"

A gorgeously rustic clip for the song that launched a Portland folk-pop supergroup. The band, featuring members of Weinland and Norfolk & Western, came together four years ago to record this song for a compilation album benefiting Lone Fir Cemetery. Directed by Daniel Fickle, the video is a perfect accompaniment for the song's spare instrumentation and goosebump-raising harmonies.

Headphone Party, "Time Expired"

Paradise, "Diary of an Old Soul"
Diary of an Old Soul
InfinitRakz, "Lord Knows I Try"
Music Laundering