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Mayoral Madness: Dorothy McCullough Lee Regional Round 3

The Sweet 16 rolls on, and we'd like to take a moment to tell you, the voters of Portland (as well as the voters of other cities with an unusual level of devotion to Leverage), what a great job you're doing. We've watched you make tough decisions, and we've come to trust you. For example: Thanks to your courage in choosing Jack Bogdanski over Packy the Elephant, we won't have a mayor who sits around all day waiting to be fed peanuts. (Well, unless you elect Mike Rice.)

You don't need our advice anymore. You've got this. Certainly more than anybody in the actual March Madness.

A boring technical note from the web editor: These polls have been set up to stop individuals from voting more than once (from the same computer, at least) but it has come to our attention that some people have been able to vote multiple times—either by deliberate chicanery or possibly just because their browser was configured that way. It was making the competition boring. The only way to address this is by blocking any given IP address from voting twice. The problem with this is that offices or households that share a network will also then be restricted to one vote. Our compromise for now will be to turn IP restriction on for each bracket after 5 hours of voting. Now keep it fair and democratic, or I'm going to turn this election around and there'll be no Mayoral Madness for anybody.

1. Gus Van Sant, Filmmaking legend
5. China Forbes, Pink Martini singer

Two artistic powerhouses who have won without lifting a finger on social media. Not that we haven't tried to entice them: We keep direct-messaging @myownprivatefranco on Twitter, to no avail. (We just sort of assumed that was Van Sant's handle.) 

11. Micaela Capelle, University of Portland soccer star
10. Stephen Marc Beaudoin, PHAME Academy director

Nobody expected this, but then never underestimate the power of musical theater or intercollegiate athletics. Or a combination of the two: We'd like one of the candidates to pledge to use their $1,000 incentive to pen a musical called, "Pilots! The Story of a Salty Sea Captain and the Soccer-Playing Lady of His Dreams." You know which candidate we're talking to, STEPHEN. 

Voting ends Monday, April 2.
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