Another gloomy rainy day. Another perfect excuse to stay indoors and watch video clips on your computer. Start with this track from the post-Dirty Mittens disco pop project Artifice, performed live by the band at Holocene. 

Follow it up with this lovely, evocative clip from Goldmund, Keith Kenniff's musical project that, on his most recent album All Will Prosper, takes on Civil War-era folk balladry. 

Now that you're in a nice restive state, pick up the pace with a clip from Adam Brock, a young musician originally from the wilds of Washington State who has been doing a "Song Calendar" where he writes and records a new song for every month in 2012 and then makes a video for them. Here is his poppy installment for April entitled "Paleontology". 

Now, let's rein it in a bit with a track by countrified singer-songwriter Tyler Stenson. I'm not entirely sure why he chose to do a video for a track that came out two years ago on his album Bittersweet Parade. I'm just happy to see the city bathed in some sunshine. 

Finally - and I know I'm taking a calculated risk by putting this last - follow The Shins as they take the people behind 360 Sessions on a tour of our fair city and play some tunes from their new album Port of Morrow. There...doesn't that make you feel better about the overcast gloom outside?