Think we'd allow a city-shifting election to go by without a mortifying talent show? Think again! The snidest candidates forum in the West is back, complete with yoga balls, game shows and the secret skills of public office-seekers.

Presented by WW and the Bus Project, Candidates Gone Wild features the wordplay of host Courtenay Hameister and the music of Radiation City. Expect surprise guests.

What kind of surprises are we talking about?

In 2008, Sam Adams made milkshakes with a blender powered by a Spandex-clad Randy Leonard pedaling a bicycle.

In 2010, host Storm Large called Chris Dudley a "little, whiny, bitchy dick."

God only knows what Jefferson Smith will do.

Where: The Bagdad Theater, 3702 SE Hawthorne Blvd.

When: 7 pm, Tuesday, April 17

Tickets: $5, available at Willamette Week (2220 NW Quimby St.) or the Bus Project (333 SE 2nd Ave.).