You lucky, lucky people. TWO video roundups in one week?! It's like Hanukkah up in here. (A quick shout out to our Jewish readers in hopes that you have a lovely Passover.) But don't thank us; thank all the musicians who are taking up video camera, iPhone, and iMovie to make promotional clips for your edutainment. People like Bim Ditson, the punktastic drummer for the poptastic And And And who put together this shaky and silly clip for the band's song "Get Lost." Supposedly this was filmed by taping an iPhone to Ditson's housemate's cat. I was all ready to call up the ASPCA until I watched it. You'll see what I mean...

And speaking of head scratching clips, check out this one sent to us by keyboard whiz David Ornette Cherry. It reminds me of those slick videos I used to see during my churchgoing days, warning of the dangers of sin. In this case, the sin is wrapping your worldview in the world wide web. Which I'm sure is not a problem for you if you're reading this. 

If you were lucky enough to be in Austin for SXSW this year, I can only hope you had some time to catch Ramona Falls when they played a half dozen shows down there. All reports were that they were on fire. Live somewhat vicariously through the camera of Arcade 44 who filmed Brent and Dave Lowensohn performing a cover of Smashing Pumpkins' "Today" an acoustic version of "Archimedes Plutonium" from their new album Prophet.

From the whitest of white folks let's move to the up and coming rapper InfinitRakz who is geared up to release his new mixtape Money Laundering on May 14th (day after my birthday...I'll wait while you mark your calendars...). To arouse the appetite for it, he has released this fine clip for the track "Lord Knows." 

Nick Delffs spent some time in Boise getting pulled around in a bike trailer and (it looks like) freezing his tail off and dancing uncomfortably in the out of doors as he pretends to sing "Let This Body Go" (from his freak-folk outfit's debut self-titled EP). The results of this field trip are now here for your amusement. At least...I hope he was trying to be funny here... If not, then, we might need to stage some kind of intervention. 

Last but definitely not least...Aranya invites you to join them on the beach for the kind of quasi-spiritual ritual that would have had the members of the prog-metal band locked up if they lived in the Deep South. Let this clip resonate in your mind grapes for the rest of the weekend.